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¨               “Daybreak USA: National and International news along with guest interviews.  Airs Monday 3:05am to 4amand Monday through Friday 6:05am to 7am & 9:05am to 10am and Tuesday through Friday 1:05am to 4am.

¨               “Jim Bohannon”: Voted one of “The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” by Talkers Magazine three years in a row, Jim Bohannon talks to guests and loyal callers on a spectrum of topics.  Whether it’s current events, politics, entertainment or pop culture, Jim is on the air with the newsmakers that are on the scene.

Airs Monday 10:05pm to 12midnight and Tuesday through Friday 10:05pm to 1am.

¨               “Tom Leykis”: Based in Hollywood, it’s the cutting edge talk show that’s drawing a new breed of talk radio listeners to talk radio – a younger, hip, more involved group of listeners.  The younger side of 25-54 age demographic, and popular on both AM and FM stations.  Airs Monday through Friday 1:30pm to 6pm and Saturday 2:05am to 5am.


¨               “IRN/USA Radio News”: 24-hours a day, five-minute newscast at the top of each hour.  USA Radio Network News has a non-biased news coverage and always late-breaking.


¨               “Alma Latina”: Nancy Ortiz, host of Alma Latina, gives Hawaii a spicy Hispanic program, and definitely one of the most popular shows of its kind, bringing the finest in Latin music, and highlighting local Latin performers and many cultural events as well.  Airs Sunday 1:05pm to 4pm.

¨               “Catholicism in Crisis”: Discussions in Catholic faith, life and important issues facing the Catholic Church locally and internationally.  Airs Sunday 4:05pm to 5pm

¨               “Duke and the Doctor”: Natural alternative health choices show is popular with all ages seeking health related advice.  Hosts Dr. Jan

McBaron & Duke.  Airs Monday through Friday LIVE 4:05am-6am and replayed 11:05am to 1pm.

¨               “Filipino Community Program Hour”: Hosts, Joe and Tina Lazo…Filipino news, and commentary program.  Airs Monday through Sunday 5:05am to 6am.

¨                “Gemnews”: Paid for by Carats & Karats jewelers, an exchange of ideas about jewelry, precious metals, and stones.  Airs Saturday 6:05pm to 7pm.

¨               “Grace Redemption”: Religious program with Pastor Paul Kamanu.  Airs Sunday 11:05am to 12n.

¨               Hawaii Bulletin Board”: Get the latest information concerning members of the Veterans, Active duty, Reserves and National Guard community.  Host Calvin Griffin and guests discuss local and national issues.  Airs Sunday 9:05am to 10am.

¨               “Hawaiian Potpourri”: Host Poka Laenui, brought to you by the National Hawaiian Broadcast Corporation.  Local, national, and international issues affecting Hawaii.  Airs Saturday 4:05pm to 6pm and Sunday 6:05am to 8am.

¨               “Healing & You”: Nutritionist Dr. Terry Shintani offers straight answers concerning nutritional-diet related matters.  Airs Sunday 8:05pm to 9pm.

¨               “Healthline”: Health information program with host Dr. Bob Marshall.  Airs Monday through Friday 1:05pm to 1:35pm.

¨               “Health Smart”: Health information program with host Sherrie Rodi of Vim ‘n Vigor Health Food Store.  Airs Monday through Friday 10:05a-11a and re-played at 7:05pm to 8pm and Sunday 6:05pm to 7pm.

¨               “Health Talk”: Health information program with host Hesh Goldstein.  Airs Saturday 8:05am to 9am.

¨               “Jam on Hawaii: Taking you back in time with Top 20 music from the 50’s to the 80’s.  Airs Saturday 12:05am to 2am.

¨               Roy Masters”: Human psychoanalysis, metaphysics, and plain old-fashioned advice.  Airs Monday through Friday 8:05pm to 10pm.

¨               “The Carroll Cox Show”: Join host Carroll Cox in this insightful and eye-opening program relating to Hawaii’s environmental and government issues.  Airs Sunday 8:05am to 9am.

¨               “The Source Nutritional Show”: Get the latest information on organic foods, nutritional supplements and other healthy lifestyle

supports with hosts Damien and Karen.  They have 38-years experience in the natural foods industry.  Airs Saturday 9:05am to 10am.

¨               Tiny Tadani”: Enjoy host ‘Tiny Nitro Tadani’ with this fresh and new radio and television simulcast.  Sponsored by OC16 (Oceanic Cable).  Airs Monday thru Friday 7am to 9am.

¨               “Voice of Samoa:  Samoan program with all the latest news, music and gossip.  Airs Saturday 9:05pm to 12midnight and Sunday 9:05pm to Monday 3am.

¨               “Voices of Spirit”:  Spiritual Intuitive, Maureen O’Shaughnessy, hosts this live show with a variety of guests.  Airs Sunday 5:05pm to 6pm.

¨               “Wellness in the New Millennium”: An informative program on alternative medicine with Dr. Jason Uchida and his many guests.  Airs Sunday 7:05pm to 8pm.